Objectives and means

1/ Our Objectives

We all have differences in opinion regarding President Sidi Mohamed Ould Cheikh Abdallahi’s methods of management and some of the decisions he has made in recent months. Some of us have fought against him or have even refused to vote for him in the last elections.
However, these differences must now be put aside so as to focus on the essential: save Mauritania’s democracy. We need to bar the way of the putschists after they have destroyed three years of hard work in establishing a fledgling democracy.
The Mauritanian Constitution provides clear provisions to remove a president from office. The Mauritanian people, represented by its members in the legislature, are the sole arbiters that have the right to both grant confidence to the president or to remove him.
The putsch is a gateway to anarchy, to tyranny and to instability.

Our goals are summarized as:
- The defeat of the coup d’Etat of August 6, by the restoration of institutional order and the return of the elected President to his duties;
- The restoration of Democracy and its sustainability.

2/ Our means

a / Within the Mauritania

- Media coverage of all activities of the National Front for the Defense of Democracy, namely meetings, events, news releases and press briefings, as well as records and publications that reach the widest possible audience;
- Coordinate contacts with parties and institutions that are opposed to the coup d’Etat and encourage them to persevere in the refusal of a fait accompli;
- Create a work cell within Mauritania whose purpose is to serve as a relay and a source of information for the success of our goals.

b / Outside of Mauritania

- Contact politicians, parliamentarians and investors in countries with close ties to Mauritania, such as the European Union and the Gulf States, informing them of the refusal of the vast majority of Mauritanians in accepting the coup. This is accomplished by maximizing direct contacts and by periodic publications, thereby keeping them up-to-date on all activities that denounce the coup within and outside of Mauritania. The aim of these activities is to accelerate the return to institutional order and to avoid suffering on the part of Mauritanians related to sanctions and isolation by the international community;
- Organize peaceful sit-in protests outside Mauritanian embassies and international organizations to denounce the putsch and to request the recovery of democratic state institutions, as well as the return to his legitimate position as President, elected by the people of Mauritania, Mr Sidi Mohamed Ould Cheikh Abdallah;

- Publish articles and press releases on a regular basis and distribute to local and international press.

c / Ensure the promotion of organizations opposed to the coup

These organizations so far include:
- Eleven political parties
- Nine Central Trade Unions
- A significant number of NGOs (SOS-Slaves, Federation of Human Rights Organizations, Organization of Women as Heads of Households) and others.

We advocate tirelessly in supporting all these organizations by publishing and distributing their positions throughout the world, thereby encouraging them to continue their struggle against the dictatorship.

d / Reveal the reality of the coup

- Elucidate the events occurring after the dismissal of the coup perpetrators.
- Highlight the contradictions in the statements made by the coup perpetrators, particularly the sacked General Ould Abdelaziz, confirming that the motives of the coup are personal and not related to institutions being blocked by the elected President or other fallacious arguments;
- Attract attention to the fact that the coup is not the work of the military institution per se, but rather a trio of generals led by General Ould Abdelaziz. We hope that the Generals are toppled quickly before the situation worsens and is out of hand. They can only be toppled by international pressure exerted on them through isolation, the freezing of their assets, a travel ban and prosecutions before international court tribunals. We hope they learn the fate which is reserved for other despots around the world.

e / Denounce the pro-putsch supporters

- Collect and archive the statements of the military coup apostles that currently dominate the press and that officially glorify the putschists. It is important that these supporters realize that Mauritanians will not forget and that those memories will remain alive;
- Attract attention to the contradictions of politicians and party leaders who believe in democracy, and who at the same time support the coup against institutional order and the overthrow of a transparently-elected President according to their previous confessions.

f / Website
- Create a website in several languages to showcase activities of all those who are hostile to the coup and those who campaign to restore constitutional legality. The pages of this site will be open to all opponents of the coup, regardless of their political or ideological stance. This website will be the focal point of all defenders of democracy and a place to exchange ideas and develop methods of peaceful resolution, as we all struggle to thwart this coup d’Etat, to save democracy in Mauritania to protect it from any attack in the future.

We are working to restore Democracy and to sustain it.