Outline of how the initiative is conducted

Name of the initiative: "for Mauritania"

The initiative consists of a General Coordination Group (GCG) that works on coordinating the activities of offices in every country in the world that could influence events in Mauritania, or where a significant Mauritanian community lives. The initiative has a website through which all the anti-putsch activities aiming at restoring the constitutional legality, are published.
The initiative tends to unite all the Mauritanians who reject the coup and seek to restore the constitutional legality and preserve democracy in Mauritania, regardless of their political or intellectual or ideological views; we believe the country is in danger to a point that does not allow conflicts and disagreements among us, but requires joint and orderly action.
The initiative has designated spokespersons, who each speaks one of five international languages; they are the only persons authorized to speak to the media, on behalf of the initiative.

I- The General Coordination Group

The Coordination Group Consists of:
-- A Chief Coordinator (chosen among the members by the members; it is advised to periodically rotate this assignment)
-- A Member (representing the community in France, and leading the Office of the initiative in that country)
-- A Member (representing the community in Germany, and leading the Office of the initiative in that country)
-- A Member (representing the community in the United States, and leading the Office of the initiative in that country)
-- A Member (representing the community in Belgium, and leading the Office of the initiative in that country)
-- A Member (representing the community in Spain, and leading the Office of the initiative in that country)
-- A Member (representing the technical team that manages the website)
-- A Member representing each country where an office is opened (a country where there are Mauritanians who are ready to actively participate in the effort to thwart the coup)

The General Coordination Group works on coordinating the efforts of all those who reject the coup; the offices in each country act as local contacts oversees. The CGC manages the website of the initiative, which is dedicated to cover the efforts and activities of all those who reject the coup as well as those, in Mauritania and abroad, who seek to restore the constitutional legality. The website is a platform for networking and exchanging ideas.

II- An office in each Country

-- The initiative aims at establishing an office in every Country that may influence the events in Mauritania, or where a significant immigrant community lives. The goal here is to coordinate and organize the effort of all those who work hard to recover and preserve constitutional legality and Democracy in Mauritania.
-- Each office is free to engage in activities and devise plans to put pressure on the putschists to thwart the coup and accelerate the return to the Constitutional order, provided peaceful means are used.
-- The local office implements the initiative's plans in the country. The most important of these activities consists of contacting the official, political and parliamentary authorities, on a continuous basis and keeping them informed on what is truly happening in Mauritania.
-- The local office organize demonstrations and marches, press conferences and other anti-putsch activities.
-- The head of the local office is a member of the General Coordination Group of the Initiative. He/She coordinates and communicates with other representatives in other countries.
-- The local office counts between three and five members supervising the activities success.
-- The local office ensures and provides the required resources within the Country. Those resources can make plans and programs, the most important of which being the translation of materials into the local language and their publication in the website, so as to ensure the greatest impact.
-- The local office ensure a maximum exploitation the Human resources existing in that country, most of them to assist in the implementation of anti-putsch activities and programs. Since there can be no hope for accomplishing the work we ambition with only a few individuals, there must be a concerted effort.
-- The local office collects the largest number of the community members who reject the coup and publishes them on the website.
-- The local office takes the responsibility of contacting the authorities, the politicians and organizations, the media, in that Country, and informing them accurately about what is happening in Mauritania, urging them to put pressure on the putschists to restore constitutional legality.

III- Spokespersons for the initiative

During its first meeting (to be done using modern technical means), , the GCG chooses spokespersons on behalf of the initiative as follows:
-- An official spokesman in Arabic
-- An official spokesman in English
-- French official spokesman
-- An official spokesman in German
-- An official spokesman in the Spanish language
Each of those spokesperson's task consists of talking with the media that speaks his/her language and that broadcasts into the geographical area where such language is common. He also aught to try to contact those media institutions.

IV- The website

The website has been programmed and designed in Germany where a technical crew is prepared to lead this effort. However the rest of the offices should provide editors working on the website and supervising the content written in the language of the country they live in. Our goal is to publish such information in the world's major languages, of which the most important are Arabic, English, French, Spanish and German. Therefore, the task of each local office is to provide several people fluent in those languages in writing.

For Mauritania
We aim at restoring Democracy, then nurturing it.