Opponents to the coup on constitutional legality

From here you can follow all the news and activities, related to those who reject the coup of August the 6th 2008. Such a coup has been perpetrated by a handful of generals as a reaction to their removal from office. By this act the generals have put the nation's security and stability in jeopardy and have torpedoed three years efforts of trying to establish democracy in Mauritania.
This page provides detailed information on these activities. It is divided into groups to be easily browsed. The first documented here are the main national figures who have proven to be as patriotic as courageous in confronting dictatorship and fighting for democracy. Then follow the political parties and the trade unions. The web page provides also the opportunity to document activities demanding the return of the constitutional legality, by activists outside Mauritania, including the Mauritanian diaspora and the intellectuals abroad, as well as states and international organizations.
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For Mauritania
We aim at restoring Democracy, then nurturing it.