Who we are

We are a group of academics, intellectuals, and Mauritanian citizens living in various parts of the world who are united in a common cause. Although we did not all agree to support Sidi Mohamed Ould Cheikh Abdallahi in the March 2007 presidential election, nor did we all endorse his policies regarding some of the Country's affairs or the decisions he took in recent months; nevertheless, we ALL catagorically reject the coup d'etat of August 6, 2008. Furthermore, we are working hard to thwart it and to recover the constitutional legitimacy represented by the President.

Sidi Mohamed Ould Cheikh Abdellahi was sworn in as President on April 19, 2007 after a free, fair and transparent election. Indeed, international observers as well as the other contenders in that election have testified to its transparency. We believe the 2007 election catapulted Mauritania into its legitimate place in the democratic lineup of the modern world.

We unreservedly reject the coup d'etat perpetrated by a handful of military officers who were removed from office by their Commander in Chief, in a perfectly legal and legitimate move by a duly elected and representative President.

We deligently strive to consolidate our efforts at home and abroad in order to stand firm for democracy in the face of dictatorship, to restore the democratic process and to require respect for the choice of the people of Mauritania.

We urgently work to unite the efforts of everyone (including all political parties, the trade unions and activists from various intellectual and ideological persuasions) who believe as we do – that the current circumstances require us to abandon our differences and our special agendas and to focus on a unique and common goal:

To abort the August 6 coup d'etat, to save democracy in Mauritania and to protect it for our future generations.

We aim at restoring Democracy, then nurturing it.