10.07.2008 11:05:13

Exclusive: A delegation from the legitimate Government lead by the Minister of Decentralization, Yahya Ould Kebdi, officially represents Mauritania at the meeting of the Union for the Mediterranean in Luxembourg

The Union for the Mediterranean (UPM), meeting in Luxembourg at the ministerial level, has accredited today, as sole representative, the delegation of the legitimate Government of Sidi Mohamed Ould Cheikh Abdallahi, headed by the Minister of Decentralization and the Planning, Yahya Ould Kebdi. Representatives of the putch were excluded.

The meeting started at 2pm and dealt with two important points:
- The economic situation of the Euro-Mediterranean zone in context of high energy and food prices;
- Follow-up on the Paris Summit for the Mediterranean - implications for the Facility for Euro-Mediterranean Investment and Partnerships (FEMIP).

A For-Mauritania correspondent accompanying the delegation from the legitimate Government will issue updates throughout the afternoon.