You can contact us through our general coordination or through one of our office in the following countries: France | United States of America | Spain | Germany . You also can contact one of the initiative spokesmen.

General Coordination

General Coordinator of the initiative (Temporarily)

Lemrabott Ould Moustapha Saleck

Name : Lemrabott Ould Moustapha Saleck

Birthplace : Tidjikja - Mauritania

Residence : Essen

Country of Residence : Germany

Occupation : Product development and Project management


Members of General Coordination for the initiative

Coordinator for France

Mohammed Baba

Name : Mohammed Baba

Birthplace : Walata - Mauritania

Residence : Clermont-Ferrand

Country of Residence : France

Occupation : PhD College Teacher


Coordinator for the United States

Sidi Mohamed Ould Kaem

Name : Sidi Mohamed Ould Kaem

Birthplace : Nouadhibou - Mauritania

Residence : Washington,DC (DC=District of Columbia)

Country of Residence : United States of America

Occupation : Bachelor in Rural Engineering - Entrepreneur


Coordinator for Spain

Sidi Mohamed Ould Ahmed Taleb

Name : Sidi Mohamed Ould Ahmed Taleb

Birthplace : KIFFA - Mauritania

Residence : Madrid

Country of Residence : Spain

Occupation : Engineer in Robotics and researcher


Coordinator for Germany

Mohamed Lemine Ould Cheikh

Name : Mohamed Lemine Ould Cheikh

Birthplace : Bilewar(Kiffa) - Mauritania

Residence : Bielefeld

Country of Residence : Germany

Occupation : Engineer in Computer Science


Technical Coordinator for the Initiative

Moustapha Abeiderrahmane

Name : Moustapha Abeiderrahmane

Birthplace : Nouakchott - Mauritania

Residence : Bochum

Country of Residence : Germany

Occupation : student