The United States welcomes the firm and principled position taken by the African Union's Peace and Security Council. We support the strong leadership shown by the African Union in addressing the crisis in Mauritania created by the coup d'etat of August 6, 2008.
The United States joins with the Africa Union's Peace and Security Council in condemning the coup d'etat and subsequent measures taken by the military junta and reaffirms the "legitimacy of the constitutional order represented by the democratically elected institutions from the legislative and presidential elections respectively held in November 2006 and March 2007."
We also support the African Union's decision to suspend the membership of Guinea. The United States reiterates its call for an immediate return to civilian government and conducting free and fair elections as soon as possible.
We urge both military juntas to abandon their efforts to undermine constitutional rule. Such actions will be rejected by the international community and can only lead to greater political isolation.

Press Statement
Gordon K. Duguid, Acting Deputy Spokesman
Washington, DC
December 29, 2008