Exclusive: A delegation from the legitimate Government lead by the Minister of Decentralization, Yahya Ould Kebdi, officially represents Mauritania at the meeting of the Union for the Mediterranean in Luxembourg

The Union for the Mediterranean (UPM), meeting in Luxembourg at the ministerial level, has accredited today, as sole representative, the delegation of the legitimate Government of Sidi Mohamed Ould Cheikh Abdallahi, headed by the Minister of Decentralization and the Planning, Yahya Ould Kebdi. Representatives of the putch were excluded.

For-Mauritania to the European Commissioner for Fisheries, Jeo BORG

On the eve of the meeting of European Fisheries Ministers, whose agenda will cover the issue of agreements between the EU and Mauritania, For-Mauritania has written to the European Commissioner for Fisheries, Jeo BORG. In this letter, For-Mauritania draws the attention of European Commissioner to the danger, in its view, of an eventual payment of 86 million euros to a junta in search of internal and external recognition. Truly, the destination of these funds will be to buy off support and to fund all kinds of corruption, illustrated by the recent appointments made by the junta.

In response to a letter from "For-Mauritania", the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada condemns the coup

"For-Mauritania" has launched a massive information campaign, targeting Mauritania's development partners. And in a response from the Canadian Foreign Affairs Ministry, The Honourable David L. Emerson has expressed his country's "Schock" at the military coup in Mauritania. Following is the full content of the letter:

The Mauritanian community in France takes it to the street against the coup

Early today (Sunday, Aug-10-2008), the Mauritanian community has demonstrated in Paris, against the putsch that targeted the constitutional legality in Mauritania last Wednesday. This coup was conducted as a consequence of the elected and legitimate President, removing Generals Ould Abdel Aziz and Ould El Ghazouani as well as two other military officers, from office.